HighPriest Breastplate and Jewels in Today's Heraldry

(From The Christ's Assembly Newsletter, Winter 2007-2008)

We find that when the High Priest's breastplate mysteriously disappeared with the priesthood at the first destruction of Jerusalem in 500BC that the British Isles was then covered with the Priesthood symbolism, practices and membership. In this study we'll deal specifically with the breastplate symbol.

The same breastplate of Jeremiah the Prophet (500BC who's dated grave is in Ireland), the same breastplate used by the ArchDruids since Jeremiah's time, up until the first century when the Apostles made Britain the Headquarters of Christendom. It recorded that many early church leaders wore the ArchDruid's Breastplate, such as St. Patrick, Columba, and others descendant of the Royal Priesthood. This symbol of the high priest's breastplate has been used in every generation at least in heraldry, since Jeremiah's arrival up until this present day. In this study we'll show it's current usage in heraldry today and how it is described in the bible as being the breastplate of Judgment. Many studies have shown even David being a Royal Priest had worn the same breastplate as the highest Judge, Priest and King.

How Heraldry is Passed Down

"In the name of YAHWEH we will set up our banners" (Ps 20:5)

The way these tribal symbols survived until today is perhaps found within the pages of the Bible. Each of the twelve tribes of Israel had standards and ensigns they assembled under for war formations, such as the marching orders found in Numbers Chapter 2, and also the three times a year all the males had to assemble under the four main standards. If someone intermarried with an Israelite of another tribe they would lose all rights to their inheritance (Num 36:6-7). The phrase "there is not one feeble among their tribes" (Ps 105:37) has to do with each distinct people as a unit were strong, but as they mixed with their other kindred peoples they were weaker and no longer a family representative or heir. The symbols of Western Nations have been proven to remain basically the same for several hundreds of years before Christ. It wasn't after conversion that they introduced such biblical symbols. Archeology the world over has shown Britain for example has used the symbols of union jack, lion, and unicorn as their national symbol from as early as 400BC. (see book "Uncovering the Mysteries of Your Hidden Inheritance" for the archeology citations pg 74) In the middle ages these symbols appeared on arms of war, shields and banners people fought under, just as the bible had given for Israel to march under. It is much easier to trace recent descendants of various recognized coats of arms.



The Breastplate of the High Priest

As described in the 28th and 39th chapters of Exodus, this Breastplate consisted of a plate of pure gold designed to be worn on the breast of the High Priest, and to be suspended from around his neck by two golden chains fastened to two rings inserted in its upper corners. In this plate were twelve openings in which were set twelve jewels, one for each of the Twelve Tribes of Israel.



Levites of the bible were the civil servants of the time. They carried out all police work, they were the judges, attorneys, city workers, and were like top levels of parliament for the people. This breastplate was worn by the highest judges of Israel. In Exodus 28:15 it is called "the breastplate of judgment", to be worn by Aaron, his sons and his seed after him.


"..Other clues, showing close relationship between Druids and the patriarchal religion of the Old Testament, are seen in that each had a High Priest with a breastplate of similar description. Both had a priesthood exempt from taxation and military service. Both religions taught the Mosaic account of the Creation." (source: Stonehenge and Druidism by E. Raymond Capt)


Use in Current and Recent Heraldry


Civil Servants or "High Government Positions" still have this symbolism up until this present day. See the City Coat of Arms of Westminster, or the British Customs Service emblem.



Officials of the College of Heralds confirm that the oldest known forms of the emblem had no spikes as you see at the bottom of each of the recent versions.

Baron William Scott Stowell's crest consisted of a Red Lion's Head (above the arms), and the Arms had three lions heads and the Israelite High Priest's breastplate at the top. Below you can read his credentials as one of the highest Judges and King's Advocate-General.








Lion is also symbol of House of Judah. Judah was three tribes, Levi, Judah and half of Benjamin. The bible speaks of both David's seed and the Levite's seed being multiplied and enduring with their anointing for ever continuing in all generations. They're supposed to be priests, civil servants and rulers. Learn your DNA code calling through your heraldry and ancestry!











Civil servants in other countries descendant of the same people use the symbols as well:


You may still be wondering where those twelve jewels went to if they're no longer found in the recent breastplates? Well they have been placed in the crown of St. Edward, which has been used for all coronations for over the last 1,000 years.



For further study read "Jeremiah Iarbanel in Ancient Annals of Ireland", "Celt, Druid, Culdee", "Symbols of our Celto-Saxon Heritage", and write to us for a more comprehensive list of books. There are thousands of books on the subject of Israel moving North West to be the prophesied "multitude of mighty nations" who bless the rest of the earth with their divinely given abundance. Upon request we will provide a long list of such related books. (a new book catalog is currently being developed)

Get the book "Uncovering the Mysteries of your Hidden Inheritance" by Robert Balaiciaus which covers the heraldry of all Israelite nations preserved until today. For a copy write to Sacred Books at PO Box 18 Mountain City, Tennessee, 37683 USA.


Our next article is on Heraldry and History of the Royal House of Judah in Ireland since 1800 BC.